"Play Classics" is a record label founded by Mario Martínez, recording engineer and music producer, a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University's School of Music in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1996) and a pupil of the great American pianist Earl Wild.

In the year 1997, Mario Martínez moves to Columbus, Ohio, residence of Earl Wild. There he has the opportunity to witness some of the recording sessions of his maestro, which arouses his interest in the world of recording, as well as to put together and manage a series of four concerts, the "Grand Piano Concert Series", housed in the Mees Hall of Capital University, where Earl Wild would give his first concert after receiving the Grammy for his album "The Romantic Master".

Back in Madrid, Mario Martínez founds and manages the concert series "El Jardín de Belagua", offering more than 120 chamber music concerts, one per week, during four seasons (2008-2012).

In 2012 the activity of the series ceases. The auditorium that housed the concerts becomes the laboratory of an acoustic research project aimed at building a completely transparent audio recording system.

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