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Play Classics uses cookies to personalise your user environment on the Website and organise the music lists for your listening enjoyment.

The aim of this section is to inform users about Play Classics' use of cookies, the purposes for which they are used, the various types of cookies and their features.

Cookies are installed automatically when a user takes certain actions but can be deactivated at any time (see "Cookie management" below). However, if you decide not to do this and choose instead to continue browsing, you will be deemed to have consented to the use of cookies by Play Classics.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded into any Internet-access device (computers, smartphones, tablets) on visiting certain websites. They enable information about the browsing habits of users and their devices to be stored and retrieved, ensure effective browsing, and tailor the Website to the individual traits of visitors, etc.

Types of cookies in Play Classics

In line with their designated purpose, the following types of cookies, all designed in-house, are used at Play Classics:

- Music-list management cookies: these allow data to be stored, such as the quality of sound selected by the user or the last play list listened to. The "k" and "vstring" cookies are of this type.

- Personalisation cookies: these improve and enhance browsing, by making it possible to recognise aspects such as the language chosen by the user, and adapting the web page to such circumstances. The "l" cookie is of this type.

If you do not accept these cookies, the above preferences will not be stored by your browser, and you will have to re-specify them each time you visit Play Classics.

Cookie management

The standard practice is for cookies to be managed by the functions of the browser used to access the Website. A series of links is now provided to the respective pages, with the necessary steps for activating, deactivating and, in general, managing cookies.

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