Located in the town of Boadilla del Monte, ten minutes from Madrid and half an hour from the Barajas International Airport, Musicstry Studios offers a host of possibilities, from the simple recording of raw takes to the elaboration of a complete project.

Our facilities well over 14,000 sqft house the hall, with three grand pianos, eight spacious lounges to practice or relax between sessions, as well as six bedrooms, all en suite, to accommodate the musicians during their stay. All this surrounded by a splendid garden with a swimming pool and private parking for twenty cars.

Our hall is equipped with an exclusive recording system specifically designed and calibrated to produce absolute sound. The recordings made in this hall do not need any kind of treatment. With no mixing, no mastering, with just two microphones, they are the most transparent stereo recordings ever made.

Our methodology is the result of a long acoustic research project aimed at building a completely transparent audio recording system. The development of this methodology implies the creation of a third way as an alternative to the two existing methodologies. This new methodology is known as Truthful Recording Technology.

The use of this methodology guarantees the integrity of the sound during the recording process, which means that, for the first time in history, the sound recorded on the recording medium is exactly the same as the sound produced by the performer on the stage. Recordings that meet these conditions show the logo of the TRT Sound Certificate.

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